The New Target Shopping Cart, a review   2 comments

​There’s a new sherif in town, at least where shopping carts are concerned. The wobbly wheels, cold metal, clanky appearance and the terrible steering and handling are gone. Enter the new Target Shopping Cart.

Sleek lines = faster shopping

Uber-baker and frequent Jay Leno guest Marjorie Johnson says.”These carts go faster than I can talk.”

With its sleek lines and tight suspension, the Target Shopping Cart (TSC) takes shopping to a whole new level. It drives straight, corners on rails and has the curves of a woman. Target calls it,”an infusion of style and functionality” but we call it pure shopping aisle fun.​

Jason DeRusha from WCCO says,”If anything can get me to up my Target spending from $100 a visit to $150, it’s these art deco carts.” Certainly that is music to the ears of the big iconic Bullseye on Nicollet Ave.

Conservative estimates calculate the the average shopper will need 12% less shopping time per visit or be able to do up to 15% more shopping in the same allotted time. Peter Borne, local car designer and finisher of a recent Back to the Future remake says,”The TSC is like a time machine, you move so fast, your mass actually starts to increase.” Yes, apparently Einstein would be proud.

Art in motion

“I like an experience and the new Target carts deliver that up in style.” says Andrew Zimmern of the Bizarre Foods, “And the drag co-efficient
reduction has been radically improved, so my zero to 90 sprint down the housewares aisle just got a lot more interesting.”


The stats don’t lie. The TSC can navigate the entire produce section of a Super Target in under 10 seconds, it has a turning radius of 1.134 meters, and hold up to 4 cases of soda in the roomy underneath section. There is a curvaceous hand rail that orbits the entire cart, making a safe and comfortable riding position for up to 6 kids on the outer perimeter, perfect for the homeschooling family.

Room for 6

A young father (who asked to have his identity hidden) said,”I used to hate my life, but now everything seems better, the colors are brighter. This cart has changed my life.” Who says you can’t change the world?

We don’t know how the TSC will perform in our extended test but we definitely look forward to even more Big Red Store shopping excursions.

​The TSC also comes with a matching hand shopping basket for those quick pop-in-just-need-some-milk trips.
(The TSC is not available at all Target locations, check local listings for participating dealers.)


Matching hand shopper


2 responses to “The New Target Shopping Cart, a review

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  1. I hate the new shopping carts at target. I rarely go to target now. These new carts don’t allow you to place your car seat on top. I have to place the car seat in the cart and the other child in the seat. Leaves no room for anything in the cart. Maybe once my kids are a little older. Oh well

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