The Bread Machine Versus Handmade (if I had a hammer)   Leave a comment

 17 years ago we got a bread machine.  It was the kind that made the cylindrical loaves that tasted like bread but didn’t look like it.  (Remember those bullet loaves?) We have used that old West Bend machine probably once or twice a week, every week since then. What a work horse.  Now days we basically use if for dough and then cook it in the conventional oven.  We just love it.


Last night I made one of our recipes that we normally do in the bread maker, but this time I made it by hand.  The bread maker takes an hour and 20 minutes to make dough and I can have it done in about 40-50 minutes.


I made the dough for a poor man’s croissant.  It’s for an upcoming Cooking for Dads episode and I wanted to make sure it works even if you don’t have a bread maker. I altered it a little to adjust for doing it by hand.


1 cup warm water, add 3 t yeast and stir.

In a big bowl combine 3 cups bread flour, 2 T dry milk, 3 T sugar, 3/4 t of salt, 

Melt 3 T of butter, and add it as you add the water and yeast mixture. Knead it for 10 minutes and let it rise for 30.  


(I wouldn’t normally add the butter, but the bread maker recipes always call for it.)


Over all it was pretty good, I didn’t really make croissants and fold in the butter, I just used it for rolls, but the kids (and grown ups) devoured them.


The question is have you had good luck transferring recipes from the bread maker to doing it by hand and vice versa?  


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